That's the bottom line. Everyone can hope for the perfect weather, the dress to stay clean, the DJ to play the right music, but none of that really matters. At the end of the night, you will get to walk away with the love of your life and that makes it a perfect day. So if you can take one piece of advice its that the wedding doesn't make the marriage. That being said, there is no better time to have an amazing time celebrating and getting your groove on!


The stage is set: caterers are sorted, celebrant knows their cues, makeup artist is on their way and you have just woken up to the best day of your life. The only thing that is left to do is let go and enjoy!

We understand how precious it is to be able to start slow and ease into your day with your most special people around you, so we like to take more of a back seat approach during this time. This means that you get to focus on the things that truly matter… like drinking all the champagne and having a good laugh while we are there in the background capturing every gem. While a tidy room with clean window light will really help boost your glowing complexion, the most important things remain: have fun, sing, hug, cry, share inside jokes and have the morning you want because that will always make for the best photos.


If you are having an outdoor wedding, it’s a good idea to consider a mid to late afternoon ceremony. This not only helps to alleviate some of the discomfort brought on by standing in the hot sun at midday, but bright light might cause guests to be squinting in some photos. When the sun is high in the sky, light can also be cast on people’s faces in such a way that it creates shadows in places you might not want. A top photography tip is to hold off until the sun is a little bit lower and more directional, which makes for the most flattering and glowing photos.

These days, people tend to spend more time recording moments on their phones than actually experiencing them. At an unplugged wedding, you leave that capturing up to us and ask that people turn off or put away devices so that they can be fully present in celebrating your day with you. Wouldn’t you rather see photos of your family and friends smiling and having fun than hiding behind their phone screens?


Everyone knows how fast time moves when you are having the time of your life, so it is good idea to have a preplanned list of family and friends to have photos with. Not only does this make it easier for photographers to focus on getting the best photos, but with every minute of your day being infinitely precious you will want to spend each one on the things that truly matter. Having a list and someone assertive who can gather up the right people for their moment will save time and give you another chance to step back and take it all in.


This is the bridal party’s time to shine! As a general guide, we suggest an hour to an hour and a half for on location photos. Factor in some extra travel time if you plan on going to multiple locations. Bringing some champagne and canapés is a great way to keep the energy up in between photos with your bridal party as well as creating some great candid moments. It is then time to step back from the crowds and steal some minutes with just you and your brand new husband/wife. The photographer will continue working their magic, providing you with a chance to feel all the feelings and soak in the fact that you are now officially married to the love of your life. A brand new chapter has begun!


Personally, we think there is nothing better than a sunset wedding photoshoot. A lot of the photos you see on our website are taken around this time with beautiful, soft, directional light. This is another golden opportunity to get the most out of your photos, so we would recommend popping out for 15-20 minutes just before sunset to get the best glow. Another tip as we head outdoors is to put on some flat shoes or go barefoot to make it easier to move around.


We all know what a traditional wedding looks like… white dress, aisle with rows of seats, sit down dinner etc. But we want to tell you to throw the rule book out the window. The most memorable weddings we have attended are those that reflect the couple themselves. Make your wedding day unique and make it yours. Wear a coloured wedding dress, get married at sunrise, have a shared lunch, whatever makes the day most memorable for you, do that.

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